The Waffle Experience is a company that is positioned to do great things, and we are delighted that you are along for the ride. As a unique casual dining restaurant, The Waffle Experience has achieved notoriety, respect, and market share. Our potential is limited only by the creativity of our management and the vision of our owners. Our future in this “growth” industry is flourishing, and we welcome you!


Single and Multi-unit territories available. Prior restaurant or food service is strongly preferred.



Company Owned & Operated Units – 2

Total Unit Costs – $316,750 to $599,000

Franchisee Fee – $37,500 first unit, $27,500 second unit, and $10,000 third unit, and $20,000 each additional unit.

Ongoing Licensing Fee (per unit) – 6%

Marketing & Technology Fee (per unit) – 1%

TERRITORY DETAILS – Territories will be protected to at least a five-mile radius or a minimum population of 150,000.

Available Territories – All 50 states