Sweet, Savory & Different

The Waffle Experience is a farm to fork scratch kitchen bringing you something savory, something sweet and something different to temp your palate.  For something savory, We Found the Beef, our grass fed natural burger with house made savory onion jam.  For something sweet, All About the Berries, our seasonal favorite with house made lemon curd is back on the menu.  For something different, The Bloody Mary Experience, it speaks for itself. (See more here)

Cooking with The Waffle Experience

Paul is hanging out in the kitchen with Chef Michael Donoho and Waffle Experience CEO Jeffery Belaski getting a look at some of their farm-to-fork recipes (Read more here)

National Waffle Day – Part 2

Deuce is checking out the waffle experience where they serve birthday cake waffles, s’mores waffles, and much more. See More Here

National Waffle Day – Part 1

Deuce is celebrating national waffle day with a restaurant known for their crazy, creative waffle dishes! See More Here

Why Natomas Should Be Your Next Weekend Day Trip Destination

One of the most convincing reasons to visit a community is its collection of restaurants.  Start the day right at The Waffle Experience… Click Here for More Info

Cooking with The Waffle Experience

Chef Michael Donoho and general manager Jeffery Belaski run The Waffle Experience, where they serve dishes incorporating sweet and savory flavors using local, fresh and seasonal ingredients — all on top of waffles.   Watch video here

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Cambi is getting a preview as Track 7 hosts a coloring competition when you can win tickets to the Art of Beer Festival – Click here for more info

2016 Nominee: Best Brunch

“We’re not your Mama’s waffles. Our waffles are Liege, an actual French brioche dough, which takes approximately two days to prepare.”

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The Waffle Experience is now open in Folsom!

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Feature: 25 Places Across the U.S. to Enjoy Great Waffles